PAYZERWARE® The All-In-One Management Tool

Scheduling & Dispatch

Deliver on time, well-informed customer service

  • Powerful Schedule and Dispatch that’s flexible and easy to use
  • Customer records that contain all the important info
  • Professional notifications that keep customers informed

Get your people to the right place at the right time

  • Drag and drop customer requests to team schedules
  • Calendar, Table & GIS views
  • Big Board mode for large displays in dispatch center

Establish dispatch groups that fit with your business

  • Group users by trade, function, or segment
  • Color coded for easy recognition on schedule board
  • Track group performance using reports dashboard

Track routing and location of logged in users

  • Real time tracking of current location
  • See planned routes for future calls
  • View breadcrumbs to see user history

Set up distinct coverage zones to get to more jobs

  • Define geographic boundaries that fit your market
  • Assign techs to zones that optimize their performance
  • Confirm coverage zone match when call is scheduled

No hassle. No hidden fees. No brainer.

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